Media Releases

New coastal flood warning schemes significantly enhance resilience of Scottish communities in face of climate change


date18 September 2018

Impact of climate change on Scotland’s most flood prone communities projected to place over 169,000 at risk of flooding by 2080. Estimated cost to Scottish economy £53 million annually from coastal flood damage. New Coastal Flood Warning Schemes for Orkney, Aberdeenshire and Angus covering 2589 properties, significantly enhances Scotland’s resilience to coastal flooding. Read more

A study of the fish population in Loch Ken is published

Partnership working

date11 September 2018

During 2016 and 2017, Galloway Fisheries Trust undertook a study of the fish, fisheries and anglers of Loch Ken. This was to assess the fish populations in the Loch and the extent to which angling around the loch assists the local economy. Read more

SEPA to end exemptions for burning farm plastics


date31 August 2018

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has announced its next steps to stem the plastic tide by confirming it will end exemptions for burning most types of agricultural waste from 1 January 2019. Read more

SEPA stresses importance of checking staff ID


date24 August 2018

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is reminding people in Perthshire, Clackmannanshire and Stirling of the importance of checking staff credentials, after a homeowner in Greenloaning was visited by a man impersonating a SEPA officer. Read more

Smart tech solution helps Scots fight flooding


date22 June 2018

Edinburgh-based inventor, Gary Martin, has pioneered a new high-tech solution to help people in flood risk areas developed through Scottish Government’s CivTech programme. Read more

Partnership boosts sustainability potential of Scotland’s waste water

Partnership boosts sustainability potential of Scotland’s waste water

date21 June 2018

Scotland’s sewage and solid organic waste can make a contribution to the country’s heat and power needs and contribute to further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change, according to experts from Scottish Water and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Read more

Cracking down on waste criminals: £49,000 fines for Strathblane landfill operator and Cumbernauld waste management company


date30 May 2018

The operator of a Strathblane landfill site was fined £37,000 at Stirling Sheriff Court on Wednesday 8 May after landfilling inappropriate waste at their site for over two and a half years. A Cumbernauld-based waste management company was also fined £12,000 for failing in its Duty of Care. The latest figures mean a new total of six SEPA led waste crime prosecutions in the last 12 months resulting in £120,000 fines, £47,211 in Confiscation Orders and five Community Payback Orders totalling 1,150 hours. Read more

Scotland's bathing waters continue to meet strict environmental standards ahead of new season

Bathing Waters

date25 May 2018

As Scotland sizzles in the early summer sun, and with hundreds of thousands of Scottish families and visitors expected to head to our stunning coastlines for the bathing season (1st June – 15th September), the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has revealed that 75 of the country’s 86 designated bathing waters (87%) meet strict environmental standards for water quality. Read more

Get authorisation for river and loch work and follow the rules to avoid £600 penalty


date23 May 2018

Carrying out engineering works in the water environment without authorisation from SEPA, or breaching authorisation conditions, will now result in a £600 Fixed Monetary Penalty. Both contractors and land owners/occupiers can be liable for penalties. Poor engineering can lead to land loss and increased susceptibility to soil erosion and flooding. Read more

Tyre recycling company and manager sentenced for illegal Ayrshire tyre site


date20 April 2018

Scotland’s environmental watchdog is reminding all companies of the importance of working within the regulations after an Ayrshire tyre recycling company was fined £27,000 on 18 April 2018, and a manager of the company was ordered to carry out 300 hours of unpaid work under a Community Payback Order and to pay a Confiscation Order of £44,711 for waste offences at a site in Irvine. Read more

Helping communities prepare more powerfully for flooding


date14 March 2018

As the piles of snow left over from “the Beast from the East” melted last week, causing surface water and rising rivers in several communities across Scotland, attention turned to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Read more

Snow days don't stop SEPA protecting the environment

Snow days don't stop SEPA protecting the environment

date02 March 2018

As “the Beast from the East” cast its wintry grip on Scotland this week, staff from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) worked above-and-beyond the call to safeguard Scotland’s environment and support local communities. Read more

Six year high in environmental performance by Scottish business

Six year high in environmental performance by Scottish business

date15 February 2018

91.7% of Scottish regulated business sites assessed were compliant. 46.6% of sites assessed as non-compliant for two or more years became compliant. 66% of sites classified as ‘Very Poor’ improved their compliance rating. 11 sites were moved from ‘Very Poor’ to Excellent. Read more

SEPA combats illegal flytipping in Fort William

SEPA combats illegal flytipping in Fort William

date01 February 2018

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has responded to complaints of persistent flytipping at an illegal site in Fort William and is working with the local community to address the problem. Read more

Flooding forecast for parts of coastal Scotland


date02 January 2018

High tides combined with a large storm surge are expected throughout some coastal parts of Scotland late tonight (Tuesday 2nd January) into Wednesday (3rd January), the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has today warned. Read more