Dalgety Bay plan published

date25 April 2012

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has today published the Ministry of Defence's (MoD) final plan for Dalgety Bay.

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The investigation plan, including the development of remediation options, was accepted by SEPA at the Dalgety Bay Forum meeting on Tuesday 27 March. It is being published online to ensure that all the reports to which SEPA has access are publicly available in one location. The MoD has indicated it will be putting the plan online also.

Dr James Gemmill, SEPA's Radioactive Substances Unit Manager, said:

We have published the MOD's plan on our website so that the community at Dalgety Bay can see what work will be carried out on the beach and the surrounding environment in the coming months, to provide a comprehensive investigation of the entire area.

"By the end of May 2013, SEPA should be in full possession of all technical issues; including dumping areas and the distribution of the hazard posed by radioactive contamination, together with ownership history and therefore the responsible party or parties. We will also have reviewed remediation options and chosen the most appropriate. At that stage we will expect remediation action to follow urgently."