Local people invited to join panel on land benefits

date03 October 2012

Local people are being invited to join a community panel to influence how land in the Carse of Stirling is best used in the future.

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The Carse of Stirling Land Matters Project is led by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and supported by the Stirling Environment Partnership and local land managers.

Over the next 12 months, the project will work with local people to produce an action plan to influence policy and encourage action that will deliver benefits from the land. The action plan may tackle issues such as food production, wood fuel, flood management, wildlife conservation or recreational opportunities. 

The project area focuses on the west Carse and includes communities in Thornhill and Blairdrummond, Kippen, Arnprior and Buchlyvie, Gargunnock, and Cambusbarron.

Zoe Kemp, SNH Operations Manager and Chair of the Stirling Environment Partnership said:

People benefit from land in so many ways -from producing food, fuel and fibre, to providing habitats for wildlife, enjoying recreational activities and nature, and supporting a healthy environment by storing carbon or managing flood water.  

“We hope to work with local land managers, communities, recreation users and other interest groups to find practical projects that can help maintain and enhance these benefits into the future. This should lead to an action plan which can be taken forward with the help of relevant agencies over the next five to ten years.”

Roger Owen, Head of Ecology at SEPA, said:

This is an exciting opportunity for local people to make real decisions on how land is used to benefit people and the local economy; and to ensure that these benefits are shared out fairly amongst all those living in the area.”

The project will establish a local stakeholder panel which brings together different interests to help identify the way people benefit from the land and to shape the action plan over the next six months. The first meeting of the stakeholder panel is being scheduled for early November and the panel will meet four or five times. For further information or to put your name forward for the stakeholder panel, please contact Colin Roxburgh at colin@stardevelopmentgroup.orgor 01764 670499.

The project is being developed in response to the Land Use Strategy for Scotland. The results will be used to influence the future policy and funding programmes, respond to local priorities and encourage collaboration across different interests.


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