SEPA commences River Leven survey in Fife

date13 February 2015

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has contracted a specialist team to survey the River Leven catchment in Fife over the coming weeks.

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The specialist surveyors will be carrying out studies along the main stem of the River Leven, and a number of its tributaries, until the end of March as part of a project which aims to demonstrate the potential for combining improvements to river habitats with reducing flood risk.

The River Leven is one of five pilot catchments in Scotland where SEPA is assessing the physical condition of rivers and identifying where there may be scope for improvements. The improvements are required to help Scotland comply with European legislation on the water environment, known as the Water Framework Directive.

Amber Bush, from SEPA's Galashiels office, said:

We hope that the surveyors will be able to gather lots of useful information on the state of the rivers within the Leven catchment, which could potentially indicate where improvements could be made.

"If you see the surveyors walking the banks of the rivers, please feel free to stop them and ask them questions about their work."

If members of the public want to find out more about this work please contact Amber on 01896 754797 or email