SEPA unveils new waste to resources framework

date06 October 2016

A new framework for tackling waste has been unveiled by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), focussing on how SEPA will support a circular economy in Scotland.

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Announced at the Scottish Resources Conference today (6 October, 2016), “One Planet Prosperity – A Waste to Resources Framework”, outlines how SEPA intends to drive down waste production and keep valuable materials circulating for as long as possible, whilst preventing and tackling the harms associated with waste management and waste crime. These guiding principles form the basis of the framework and define SEPA’s approach to waste and resource management across all sectors of the economy.

Delivery of the new framework will be undertaken through sectoral engagement with industry and business, in line with SEPA’s broader Regulatory Strategy, which was officially launched in August. The Regulatory Strategy, draws upon the new powers granted by the Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Act in 2014 and includes a strong emphasis developing Sustainable Growth Agreements with industry leaders and supporting businesses who seek to find innovative and efficient ways to go beyond compliance.

Terry A’hearn, SEPA’s Chief Executive, said:

Unlocking the value of material resources in our economy is crucial for bringing about the radical step change needed to build a more sustainable Scotland. We will work with forward thinking businesses to raise awareness of the value which waste materials have and ultimately help businesses turn waste into profit.

“At this point in our journey, it is not a choice between driving resource efficiency, preventing harm or tackling crime, we must do it all and do it together.”

The Waste to Resources Framework reflects, and directly supports, the aspirations within the Scottish Government Circular Economy Strategy and close partnership working with Zero Waste Scotland, Revenue Scotland, Scottish Government, Enterprise Agencies and industry remain central to achieving greater resource efficiency across all sectors of industry.


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