SEPA CEO challenges business leaders to find the economic opportunities in environmental challenges

date15 March 2018

Business leaders were challenged by Scotland’s environment regulator today – change your mind set, face up to the scale of the environmental challenge facing us and understand how your business will help solve it while creating businesses success.

Terry A’Hearn, Chief Executive of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), was a key speaker at “The Environment as a Business Opportunity” organised by the Institute of Directors in Edinburgh. He is clear that environmental performance is the responsibility of business leaders – and they need to act now.

Terry A’Hearn, said:

“The scale of environmental challenges facing humanity is enormous, with a real urgency to act. Poor leaders are going to pretend it isn’t a problem, good leaders will face the reality of the situation. Only great leaders will understand that it is an opportunity for their businesses and organisations.”

“Only businesses that embrace the economic opportunity of sustainable solutions to environmental challenges will thrive. I want the best environmental performers to be the most successful businesses and SEPA is committed to helping Scottish businesses recognise the benefits of good environmental performance within environmental rules and regulations.

“The Scottish economy is becoming increasingly resource efficient and Scotland is developing innovative approaches to carbon and resource efficiency but we need more great leaders to have the leadership, the courage and the vision to see the opportunity and take it.”

If everyone lived as we do in Scotland, three planets would be needed to sustain the economy and society we have built ourselves. SEPA works to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment by helping communities and businesses thrive within the resources of the one planet we have through its regulatory strategy - One Planet Prosperity.

  • SEPA’s partnership with Entrepreneurial Scotland is supporting new solutions to environmental challenges and embedding environmental leadership into our entrepreneurial society to build a dynamic economy.

  • Sustainable Growth Agreements signed with Superglass – which has already resulted in increased investment for the organisation.
  • A new Commercial Services team is working to share our skills and expertise with countries around the world, helping them develop their regulatory regimes and implementation.

  • Publishing a Waste to Resources Framework which sets guiding principles for waste and resource management that will shape Scotland’s circular economy.

  • International collaboration - enabling global priorities for natural capital and tackling the challenges of waste crime.