SEPA takes action on dust emissions from Dunbar site

date24 August 2018

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has issued a warning letter to Tarmac Cement and Lime Limited following an investigation into dust in the Dunbar area.

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SEPA officers carried out an investigation into dust deposits in the local area after receiving a number of complaints from members of the public in September and October 2017.

The investigation concluded that the Tarmac site was the most likely source of the dust issues and that the operator needed to take action to prevent and minimise the potential escape of dust from the site.

The warning letter advises the operator that SEPA expects them to review existing procedures for monitoring and detection of dust emissions from the plant equipment and activities at the site. The letter also advises the operator that SEPA expects them to carry out earlier and more proactive identification of excessive dust emissions before complaints are made, and that SEPA will undertake a review of the site’s permit.

This review is now underway, and SEPA is also undertaking a separate investigation in response to dust complaints in Dunbar during May 2018.

Terry A’Hearn, SEPA’s Chief Executive, said:

Every day SEPA works to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment and we are clear that compliance is non-negotiable. SEPA has carried out a full investigation into the causes of the dust complaints in Dunbar from September and October 2017. This investigation has now concluded and a warning letter has been issued to Tarmac Cement and Lime Limited in Dunbar.   SEPA is clear that practices should be improved to prevent further events and ensure full compliance. The review of the operator’s permit is a key part of the steps SEPA is taking.  We are also undertaking a further investigation into complaints received about dust in May 2018 and will take all action necessary to ensure the environment and local communities are protected.”