SEPA's Chief Executive calls on Tayside youngsters to share flooding knowledge

date25 September 2018

SEPA’s Chief Executive, Terry A’Hearn, attended the Safe Taysiders event at Baluniefield Police Training Station in Dundee yesterday (Monday 24 September) to encourage young people to educate their friends and family on how they can be flood-prepared.

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  • The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is working with partners to raise awareness of flooding amongst young people
  • Safe Taysiders is an annual event which helps young people to learn how they can be flood-prepared
  • SEPA’s Chief Executive attended Safe Taysiders to encourage young people to share what they have learned with friends and family

Safe Taysiders is an annual event, organised by Dundee City Council, which aims to increase awareness of how young people can stay safe in a number of different flooding situations. Over 1,500 pupils across Tayside are expected to take part in the event which runs from 17 September to 4 October.

All pupils complete a hazard perception activity to see if they can identify potential flooding risks, and are given the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice using SEPA’s flood activity mat.

Mr A’Hearn said:

“Every day SEPA works to help Scotland prepare more powerfully for future increased flooding. Flooding affects us all but often young people don’t initially think it is something that is relevant to them.

“The Safe Taysiders event is a great opportunity to help children learn about flooding, where it can come from and how it can be dangerous. I am very impressed with how quickly the children were able to identify the key sources of flooding and the potential hazards. We hope that the children will take what they have learned and use this knowledge to help spread the word to their friends and families on how they can be flood-prepared.”

A host of information to help young people learn about how to be prepared for flooding, including a video on how to make a flood kit and fun games which teach children how to stay safe, is available on SEPA’s Floodline Kids webpage.

If you would like to sign up to Floodline to receive Flood Alerts or Warnings for your areas you can do this on-line or by phone on 0345 988 1188.