Update : Advice against bathing at Carnoustie bathing water

  01 June 2023

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) were informed of a pollution incident involving organic farm fertiliser yesterday (31st May 2023), which was affecting the Pitairlie Burn at Carnoustie. As there is the potential for this to impact water quality at Carnoustie, precautionary signs have been posted to advising against bathing.

SEPA are liaising closely with Angus Council and NHS Tayside and we will continue to work together to monitor the situation.

A spokesperson for SEPA said:

“SEPA are aware of a pollution incident involving organic farm fertiliser that has the potential to impact water quality at Carnoustie bathing water.

“Our officers are in attendance and are conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. Officers have reported that the situation appears to be improving as remediation measures are in effect.

"Water and ecological samples have been taken from the burn to assess impact from this event, and samples from the bathing water have also been taken by SEPA.

“Angus Council has placed signs at the bathing water to notify users of the pollution incident and to avoid bathing and paddling as a precautionary measure.

“Precautionary advice against bathing will remain in place until SEPA are satisfied this incident is not impacting water quality at Carnoustie.”