SEPA transfers licences for six former coal sites

  24 July 2014
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has transferred environmental licences for six former opencast coal sites to a new operator, Mines Restoration Limited (MRL).

Licences for the former Scottish Coal Company Ltd sites at Dunstonhill, Powharnal, and Spireslack/Ponesk in Ayrshire, Glentaggart and Mainshill in South Lanarkshire, and Blairhouse in Fife were transferred on Monday 21 July from KPMG to MRL following a rigorous assessment of the operator’s applications.

As environmental regulator, SEPA has a duty to ensure that all opencast coal sites have the appropriate environmental licences in place and that each responsible person understands their role in maintaining compliance with the specific licences conditions.

Lin Bunten, Head of Operations for Energy, at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), said:

The transference of licences to Mines Restoration Limited represents a positive step forward in ensuring that these opencast sites will be adequately managed and the localenvironment safeguarded.   

“To allow SEPA to approve the transfer of these licences, MRL has had to demonstrate to SEPA that it is capable of securing compliance with the strict conditions outlined under each environmental licence and we are satisfied that these conditions can be met for the foreseeable future.”