SEPA's third Sustainable Growth Agreement signed with young environmental leaders, the 2050 Climate Group

  06 July 2017
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has signed its third Sustainable Growth Agreement today (6 July) with environmental youth organisation, the 2050 Climate Group, at a launch event in Edinburgh.

Sustainable Growth Agreements (SGAs) are voluntary, formal agreements with SEPA, which focus on practical actions and collaboration, to deliver environmental outcomes which create social and economic benefits. They are a core component of the delivery of SEPA’s Regulatory Strategy, One Planet Prosperity.

The 2050 Climate Group SGA commits SEPA to provide opportunities for young leaders within partner organisations and regulated industry, with a view to driving decision-making with business towards the creation of a low carbon economy.

The agreement also helps the 2050 Climate Group to support the growth of future environmental champions, by offering a greater range of options for young volunteers to actively promote a more sustainable and resource efficient Scotland.  This will include opportunities for those in deprived or remote areas to develop themselves and contribute to Scotland’s success as a nation offering up fresh thinking on the environmental issues that affect them and their communities. In addition to this, SEPA will assist the 2050 Climate Group in making connections and  exporting its work to help make the 2050 movement truly international, with global impact,  strengthening Scotland’s position as an environmental leader and developer of young talent.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, SEPA’s Chief Executive, Terry A’Hearn, said:

Scotland has set some of the most ambitious climate change targets in the world.  As we pursue these targets, we are lucky enough to have a group of young Scots who are trying to help tackle climate change.  They aren't waiting for powerful institutions to take action.  They aren't moaning about the dilemma their parents' generation has left them.  They are getting on with it and creating innovation and action here in Scotland.  I am determined that, through this Sustainable Growth Agreement, SEPA will support these young Scots to do what they do best - make things happen."

The launch event also included an interactive strategy session, which considered how young people could work with SEPA and other Scottish businesses to positively influence policy, strategy and future decision making.

Richard Dryburgh, Chair of the 2050 Climate Group, said:

The 2050 Climate Group is delighted to enter into this innovative partnership with SEPA. Our SGA offers young people from all backgrounds and all areas of Scotland the chance to lead on climate change action. We must thank SEPA for their support which has been invaluable to our organisation and an important factor in our success to date. Through this agreement we look forward to further developing our relationship to create a more sustainable future for Scotland.

“Globally as well as nationally, climate change needs leaders to radically change our current trajectory. I firmly believe that by working together, Scotland's future leaders will both make critical impacts now but also be connected and engaged for years to come. With this success, Scotland can be a true leadership example on the world stage.”

The full SGA document signed by SEPA and the 2050 Climate Group, is available on the Better Environmental Regulation page of the SEPA website, alongside a guiding principles document outlining the broader aims of SGAs. 


Notes to editors

The 2050 Climate Group is an organisation working with Scotland’s young people to establish a low carbon and sustainable future. Through their Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP) the group equips hundreds of Scotland’s young professionals with the climate change knowledge and leadership skills necessary to be climate leaders in their personal and professional lives.

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