First phase environmental programme confirmed for Tarbolton landfill

  24 March 2021
A “clear route to restoration” is in sight for Tarbolton landfill in South Ayrshire, as the first phase of a longer-term plan involving public partners for remediation of the site has received funding from Scottish Government.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) will be funded to initiate environmental works at Tarbolton Moss landfill, which was abandoned by a private operator in 2018.

Part of a longer journey to restore the site, this first phase will focus on the priority action of addressing the management of leachate (waste water) from the site. Work will be conducted by contractors later this year and will start to bring control back to the site and reduce the impact on nearby watercourses, as well as reduce the odours experienced by the community.

Since 2018, SEPA has continued to monitor and report on the environmental status of the site and will continue to engage with Scottish Government, South Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire and Arran to identify arrangements for future phases of work.

Chris Dailly, Head of Environmental Performance at SEPA said:

“Whilst Tarbolton Moss landfill site was abandoned by a private operator, public partners are working to address a situation not of their making. Whilst SEPA has no remit to take on nor manage abandoned sites, we have agreed with Scottish Government that we will, with funding provided by the Scottish Government, initiate the first phase of environmental works at Tarbolton landfill on a time-limited basis.

“This funding represents an important milestone for the site and local community and is the start of a clear route to restoration of the abandoned site. Over the coming months we’ll keep the community informed of the work scheduled to start later this year and on progress with public partners on identifying arrangements for medium to long term management, restoration and aftercare.”

On Wednesday 13 June 2018, the operators of Tarbolton Landfill Limited in South Ayrshire had an application to voluntarily liquidate the company granted by The Companies Court in London. An Official Receiver was appointed and it remains SEPA’s position that the environmental obligations of the site’s permit remain with them.

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