Carmel Burn pollution incident – update 2

  03 September 2010

SEPA officers have been continuing their investigations into the oil pollution of the Carmel Water this week. Fresh oil booms have been installed by specialist contractors and the original booms removed as they were fully absorbed with oil.

Due to the nature of diesel oil containment can be difficult, but the booms are collecting the vast majority, and removal of this collected oil is continuing. No further oil has been discharged and the clean-up operation at the source continues.

A film of oil is present all the way down the Carmel Water and a light film is present in the River Irvine below Drybridge. No oil has been detected at Irvine. The oil film is evaporating and degrading but we expect it to continue for at least another two weeks, although reducing in severity.

SEPA has found some dead fish in the Crosshouse area and an impact on the invertebrates in the Carmel water at Crosshouse.