SEPA statement - Dalgety Bay plan

  07 February 2012

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) received a draft plan for Dalgety Bay from the Ministry of Defence on 31 January.

Our radioactive substances and contaminated land experts have reviewed the document and we have now responded to the MOD with our initial comments.

We consider that the plan, as it stands, lacks sufficient detail and have requested more information on a number of areas which include:

  • timescales for implementation of each stage of the plan;
  • more detail relating to the proposed investigation work;
  • investigation plans for Crowhill and Ross Plantation;
  • investigation of remediation options.

We are keen, and have offered, to work with the MOD during February on their draft plan, with the aim of MoD submitting an acceptable voluntary remediation plan by the end of the month. However, if an acceptable plan is not provided it remains our intention to proceed with designation of the area as Radioactive Contaminated Land.

We have reiterated that SEPA, as the responsible authority under the Radioactive Contaminated Land (Scotland) Regulations 2007, will determine the appropriate person.

We have requested that the MOD shares with us any evidence they hold regarding the origin, nature and movements of the contamination.