Flooding update at 2130

  30 December 2013

Following prolonged heavy rain during Sunday night and Monday, rivers across large parts of southern Scotland rose rapidly and have caused flooding problems in a wide swathe of the country.  River levels have now mostly peaked but in some areas (e.g. river Tweed) the flood peaks are still working their way down the catchments.  Water levels remain particularly high in Dumfries and Peebles.

Many communities and isolated properties across southern Scotland have been impacted by the flooding during the day with particular concern in Newton Stewart, Kirkconnel, Dumfries and Peebles where many domestic and business premises have been impacted. The peak of the flood in Dumfries occurred at 17:45 and the Nith has dropped steadily since then.  The peak in Peebles occurred at approximately 20:00 and the water levels in the Tweed should begin to drop there during the later evening.

There are currently 9 Flood Alerts and 31 Flood Warnings in force covering many parts of southern Scotland.  A summary of all current warnings is available on the SEPA website.

The situation should generally improve overnight ahead of the next band of rain on Tuesday. Water levels should continue to drop in most areas overnight with the exception of the River Tweed where the flood peak will take some time to migrate downstream. The amount of rain on Tuesday is not forecast to be as great as on Monday but is likely to prevent water levels falling back in some areas and could well exacerbate existing flood problems. The future outlook continues with unsettled weather with further periods of rain into the New Year and these clearly have the potential to generate renewed flooding in areas which are already saturated.

SEPA continues to monitor the situation and will issue updates where necessary.