Chapelcross: B141 Gaseous Tritium Release

  29 September 2014

SEPA is aware that the Chapelcross site has recently been investigating an increase in the gaseous tritium discharges from an authorised outlet on the site.  We have made a number of visits to the site to discuss the issue and its ongoing investigation. 

The increase has since resulted in the site reporting to SEPA that a sub-limit for gaseous disposals from the site has been exceeded.  The sub-limit is a small fraction of the actual authorised site limit.  On the basis of the sub-limit compared to the actual authorised site limit and the risk assessments made against the authorised site limit, SEPA is confident that there is no risk to the public or the environment.  We will be investigating further, with the co-operation of the ONR and the site, the reason for this increase in discharge.