SEPA statement regarding odour issues in Erskine - update

  01 July 2014

SEPA is continuing to receive a small number of complaints regarding the sludge storage at Drumcross Farm, Erskine. SEPA officers attended the area again on Monday 30 June to continue our investigations but failed to substantiate any offensive odour on that occasion.

On Friday 27 June SEPA served an Enforcement Notice under Section 59 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, as amended, on the operator of the exempt activity at Drumcross Farm, James McCaig Farms, requiring the removal of the sludge from this storage location by 21 July 2014. Note the minimum statutory timescale given for removal of waste under such a Notice is 21 days.

Given the impact on the local area by the activity at Drumcross Farm, near Erskine, SEPA also sent James McCaig Farms a Final Warning letter on Friday 27 June.