SEPA statement regarding odour issues - update

  09 July 2014

SEPA is receiving a large number of complaints regarding offensive odour mainly in the Bishopton and Erskine areas but also from communities on either side of the River Clyde right up into the centre of Glasgow. This was the case during yesterday and overnight.

The source of this odour is possibly linked to the spreading of sewage sludge at Drumcross Farm, Erskine. This waste has been the source of a large number of complaints during its storage at the same farm over the last three weeks. However SEPA is investigating other potential sources of odour since the surge in complaints yesterday.

SEPA was advised on Monday 7 July 2014 by the operator James McCaig Farms that they intended to start spreading the sludge stored at the farm on Tuesday 8 July 2014. This involved disturbing the waste which is likely to result in the generation of odour which may be offensive. Offensive odour generated from the spreading operations is regulated by the local authority as it constitutes a statutory nuisance.

As such the public should refer complaints regarding offensive odour to Environmental Services Renfrewshire Council. The main Council contact number is 0300 300 0330.