SEPA statement regarding Vulcan Naval Reactor

  06 March 2014

SEPA has monitored for radioactive discharges at the Vulcan Naval Reactor since 1996 in order to assess the impact on the local environment. To date, SEPA is satisfied that discharges from the reactor have remained well below the authorised limit allowed under an agreement between the Ministry of Defence and SEPA. That limit is set at less than one millionth of the public dose limit. Currently no impact on the local environment has been observed as a result of these discharges and monitoring work will continue at the facility until it is fully decommissioned, to ensure any future emissions remain low.

Following an increase of radioactive gases in the Vulcan reactor in 2012, the MOD requested that the issue be kept on a strict need to know basis for security reasons. As the radioactive discharges were well below the authorised limits set for the site, and there was no environmental impact, SEPA did not inform the Scottish Government.