Flooding update - 10 January

  10 January 2015

Vincent Fitzsimons, SEPA's Duty Hydrology Manager, said:

"The risk of coastal flooding will reduce today, though there is still the chance of isolated impacts from wave overtopping. Rivers are peaking and levels will start to fall. There may still be some flooding of low-lying agricultural land and roads, and we have a number of alerts and warnings out to cover these areas.

"Flooding is likely across the country Sunday night into Monday morning due to a combination of rainfall and snowmelt. Risks include flooding of vulnerable properties, closures of roads, and additional flooding of agricultural land near rivers. Flood alerts and warnings are out at present and we encourage people to stay informed by using Floodline via the website at www.sepa.org.uk/floodupdates and on the phone at 0345 988 1188 as this is always the most up to date information.

"There is still some uncertainty about the degree of flooding on Monday morning as much will depend on the degree of snowmelt. We are monitoring rivers and rainfall very carefully over the weekend and are working closely with the Met office and emergency responders to update the risk assessment as required."