SEPA pays tribute to former Regional Board member Dick Balharry

  27 April 2015

Many SEPA staff are mourning the sad loss of Dick Balharry, renowned Scots conservationist and former member of SEPA’s North Regional Board. Dick served as a Board Member from June 2000 until the Regional Boards were disbanded in June 2009.

Dick was hugely influential in developing SEPA’s thinking on protecting fragile but important habitats, particularly in the Highlands and Islands. He made a major contribution in promoting a precautionary approach to protecting and conserving deep peat deposits threatened by development proposals in upland areas.

SEPA Executive Director, Calum MacDonald, said:

“Dick was an exceptional character, warm and engaging, and hugely supportive of the work SEPA does in protecting Scotland’s environment. He also cared deeply about the welfare of SEPA’s staff, who he got to know well throughout his tenure as a regional Board member. He was highly respected by all who knew him, and his wise counsel and astute challenge on aspects of policy and direction were especially valued. I would like to pay personal tribute to someone I consider a truly great Highlander.”

SEPA Head of Operations North, Andy Rosie, said:

“Dick devoted his life’s work to conserving and protecting Scotland’s environment, and he will be greatly missed by us at SEPA.”