Flood outlook - 22 November

  22 November 2016

David Faichney, SEPA’s Hydrology Duty Manager, said:

"There is a risk of flooding in some areas of the Scottish Borders and East Lothian today (22 November). Flooding to low lying agricultural areas and roads is occurring. There may also be some isolated property flooding in the areas worst affected.

“Tributaries of the River Tweed such as the Eddleston Water, Jed Water, Lyne Water, and Blackadder Water, and also the River Tyne in East Lothian, are high following last night’s heavy rain. Over 50mm of rain fell in twelve hours resulting in the first high river flows of this winter in these areas. Rainfall is now more showery and we expect the rivers to continue to rise this morning with peaks expected early this afternoon. The weather forecast is improving - dry this afternoon through to Sunday.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation. For the most up to date information check our live flood updates or sign up to Floodline on 0345 988 1188 for the latest information on flood risk in your area.

"If you wish to report and alert others to flooding, this can be done using Report-a-Flood. Please note that Report-a-Flood is purely for information sharing and cannot be used to report problems, ask questions or report emergencies. Emergency situations should always be reported to the emergency services."