Perth flood update - 4 January

  04 January 2016

Vincent Fitzsimons, Hydrology Duty Manager for SEPA, said:

Recent heavy rain has led to prolonged high river levels in the lower Tay, including where the watercourse passes through Perth. Although water levels in tributaries upstream are falling, the Tay at Perth is due to peak from 11pm this evening, and river levels will remain high until late on Tuesday.

“This is most significant test of Perth’s Flood Defence Scheme since it was built in 2004 and in the last two hours we have received reports of water coming over the top of the North Muirton flood banks. We are currently working with the local authority and emergency services to understand what impact this may cause. A Local Resilience Partnership meeting is due to take place at 7pm at which this will be urgently discussed.

“Members of the public are advised to stay away from the banks of the River Tay and remain mindful of the flood warnings which are currently effect. We would also encourage those who live close to the river, to check the latest Flood Updates on SEPA’s website and follow any current advice from the emergency services on remaining safe during this time.”