Potential flooding from thundery downpours on Saturday afternoon (27 May)

  26 May 2017

Following the Met Office’s weather warning for thundery rain on Saturday afternoon into the evening, SEPA has issued the following advice regarding the potential for isolation, minor flooding and surface water issues.  

Vincent Fitzsimons, from SEPA’s Flood Unit said: 

“Localised thundery showers are expected on Saturday afternoon into the evenings. They could occur anywhere within an area running from the Borders through much of the Central Belt and into the Highlands. Areas unfortunate enough to be caught by one of these thundery showers will experience sudden, short spells of very intense rain. This could result in up to 30mm in one hour being experienced. Drains and small watercourses within the immediate vicinity of the thundery showers may not be able to cope, leading to localised flooding and associated travel disruption and potentially even localised impacts on properties.    

“Parts of the north Scotland will see less intense but more prolonged and widespread rain through to the early hours of Sunday morning. Flooding of small watercourses is also possible in these areas, as well as from surface water.

“We would encourage anyone looking to capitalise on the recent good weather to check the latest Met Office weather forecast and SEPA’s website for flood alerts, and be adequately prepared for possible disruption when travelling.”