Shawhead flies statement - 14/06/17

  14 June 2017

A spokesperson from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), said:

“SEPA has carried out a number of site inspections of GBS Recycling Limited’s facility following initial complaints of flies in the Shawhead area of Coatbridge, on Sunday 4 June. On inspection, SEPA officers substantiated that waste stockpiles had been stored in excess of the time limit allowed under their Waste Management Licence, in addition to the presence of flies on site.  

“SEPA have emphasised the need for adequate pest control to take place as soon as possible to eliminate the impact of flies on the local community and have issued a final warning letter today, to ensure that remaining waste on site is removed this week. SEPA officers will continue to monitor the site and may consider further enforcement action as required, to resolve this issue.”