Removal of the disused Creamery Weir boosts salmon population

  15 March 2018

In autumn 2016, the old Creamery Weir, close to Twynholm in Dumfries and Galloway, was removed in a partnership between SEPA's Water Environment Fund (WEF) and Galloway Fisheries Trust. The 3.5m high barrier had not been maintained for many years and was a barrier to natural fish migration.  Since the weir was removed survey results have shown a real boost to the population of salmon and other native fish.

In an article published on 1 March 2018 on the Galloway Fisheries Trust website, SEPA's WEF Restoration Specialist, Francis Hayes, said: “We are so happy this project has already led to healthier river ecology, where salmon and other migrating fish in the Old Mill Burn will improve not only the local environment but also food chains out at sea. It’s a great example of good partnership working between local Trusts and national bodies to get results".

Further information on the Water Environment Fund, how the fund works, and eligibility for applying can be found on the SEPA website.