Healthcare Environment Services - SEPA statement

  23 December 2019

A spokesperson for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency said:

“As Scotland’s environmental regulator, SEPA is clear that compliance is non-negotiable. The environmental responsibilities created by HES’ activities are the subject to current legal action and ongoing regulatory investigation.

“SEPA continues to support the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and health boards as part of the ongoing contingency arrangements, to ensure that clinical waste across all NHS boards in Scotland continues to be stored, collected and disposed of appropriately. All contingency measures continue to ensure that environmental and human health are appropriately protected and SEPA is working closely with partners regarding the phased introduction of new national healthcare waste management services in Spring 2020.

“SEPA has worked proactively with the HES liquidator BDO regarding the secure containment of material at the former HES site in Shotts, ensuring local communities and the environment are safeguarded.  That work will continue with specialist SEPA officers to oversee the documentation, tracking and clearance of the Shotts site without recourse to the public purse.”