River Esk Pollution Incident - Wednesday 23 February

  23 February 2022

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is investigating oily residue and odour along the tributary of the River Esk, Musselburgh on Wednesday 23 February.

Multi-agency work is continuing at the site following the pollution event on Friday 14 January, but there is no evidence of a new pollution incident.

Initial enquiries suggest residual pollutants have been held in the vegetation on the banks of the river from last month and are likely to have become dislodged following recent heavy rain.

Mitigation measures, including booms and absorbent materials, remain in place to catch any residue as it is released and SEPA and East Lothian Council continue to monitor the watercourse.

SEPA and East Lothian Council continue to meet regularly to review progress and inform any next steps, as part of SEPA’s ongoing investigation.