Statement - Train derailment on the Glasgow to Oban line, near the Falls of Cruachan

  07 June 2010

At the request of the police, two officers from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) attended the scene of the train derailment on the Glasgow to Oban line, near the Falls of Cruachan, in the early hours of this morning (Monday, 7 June). The officers provided help and advice on environmental matters to the police and other partner agencies involved in the incident.

Jim Frame, Unit Manager of SEPA's West Highland & Argyll team, said:

We understand that the two carriages of the train, which are engine carriages, can each carry about 1600 litres of diesel.  Until the incident site is declared safe, we cannot confirm whether any diesel has been lost or spilled from the derailed carriage.  However, oil retention equipment has already been made available on site and can be deployed in Loch Awe and on the minor tributaries below the carriage to contain any spillages.  A fish farm close to the incident location on Loch Awe has been advised and SEPA officers will continue to liaise with the police and partner agencies throughout the incident."