Dalgety Bay Forum - update

  12 June 2012

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) chaired a meeting of the Dalgety Bay Forum yesterday (11 June) to provide an update to members.

SEPA's role is predominantly an overview at present, as the Ministry of Defence (MoD) carries out its investigations into the presence and distribution of radioactive particles on the foreshore. The MoD is also undertaking regular monitoring and retrieval.

The Forum was also updated on a 2.1MBq source which was located in front of the headland in April. This is the third source found that is around the 2MBq level. Although significantly higher than the usual activity we would expect to be find (20-25 kBq), it is lower than the two very high activity particles previously found (76MBq and 13MBq).

Both the MoD's contractor and SEPA detected it, and SEPA recovered it. It was not in the cordoned off area, but was in a section of the beach that is not often used and is covered over at high tide. The source, which further demonstrates the need for a comprehensive investigation of the contamination, is currently undergoing testing.