SEPA statement regarding odour issues in Erskine - update 26.06.14

  26 June 2014

Following a site meeting with the local authority, landowner and operator, SEPA is continuing to liaise with the operator, James McCaig Farms, to identify alternative means of mitigating offensive sludge odour which we acknowledge is continuing to give rise to significant public complaints in the area surrounding Drumcross Farm, Erskine.

The operator has made several applications of capping foam which is effective at supressing odour for a short time, but does not appear to be sustainable in the longer term. Equipment providing additional means of masking or neutralising the odour has been placed on site and is operational.

We are reviewing the need for further enforcement action but none of the options currently available to us will directly address the ongoing odour in the short term. We would however like to take this opportunity to reassure members of the public that we are working to progress a solution to this matter swiftly and ensure that the odours will improve as soon as is practically possible.