Flooding outlook - 5 December (4:45pm)

  05 December 2015

Marc Becker SEPA’s Duty Hydrology Manager said:

“Across Scotland rivers have risen significantly through Saturday and will remain very high throughout Sunday. This is causing widespread agricultural flooding but is now also widely impacting on transport and communities. We are particularly concerned that the flooding situation will deteriorate further this evening in Tayside and particularly the South West of Scotland and the Borders. The risk to communities in Hawick and Newcastleton are such that SEPA, in discussion with emergency responders, have issued severe flood warnings for both towns. Impacts will include widespread property flooding, evacuations, damage to infrastructure and severe transport disruption.

Currently, it is anticipated that the Tay at Perth will peak at levels not seen since 2006 and the Teviot at Hawick is anticipated to be of a similar scale to the 2005 flood event. Flood levels on the Annan and Esk (Dumfries and Galloway) may also approach record levels ”

"We would advise people to keep an eye on our flood update pages at www.sepa.org.uk/floodupdates  or call 0345 988 1188 for information."

Earlier this year SEPA launched ‘Report–a-Flood’ to enable members of the public to share information on current flooding issues in order to help reduce the disruption flooding can have on people’s lives and make communities more resilient. People can report incidents of flooding, whether from sea, rivers or in towns using the tool and SEPA will publish these reports online to increase awareness of local flood impacts and help keep communities moving. This is purely for information sharing and cannot be used to report problems, ask questions or report emergencies. Emergency situations should always be reported to the emergency services.