Flooding outlook - 1 January

  01 January 2016

Vincent Fitzsimons, Hydrology Duty Manager said:

“Storm Frank saw exceptional flooding across large parts of Scotland. Some communities are still
affected but rivers levels are falling across most of Scotland. At the peak of
Storm Frank there were over 100 flood warnings in place. As of lunchtime on 1st
January, there are now only 5 warnings in place.

"Unfortunately, more rain is forecast from late on Friday through until Monday
4th January. This rain is forecast to primarily affect eastern Scotland, with
Aberdeenshire, Angus and Tayside predicted to see the largest amounts. The rain
will be less intense than Storm Frank, and some will be locked up as snow in the
mountains. However, it will be persistent over the next few days. Given that
these areas are already saturated, SEPA and the Met Office have been working
very closely to assess the risks. We are expecting flooding, particularly in
parts of Aberdeenshire, Angus and Tayside. The risk is highest from Saturday
afternoon through till Monday. We are keeping a particularly close eye on
communities in those areas of the North East that have already been affected by
flooding or where defences may have been damaged.  Examples include
Brechin, Logie Mill, Deeside and Aberdeen, and areas around Kintore and
Inverurie. There is also a risk of significant travel disruption and disruption
to utilities in these areas.

"In the run-up to this next event, SEPA will continue to work closely with the
Met Office to provide as much information as possible to help guide
preparations. SEPA will also work 24/7 to monitor rainfall and river levels as
the rain begins to fall. We have been in contact with emergency responders to
help them prepare and will update them as necessary if our predictions need to
change. We would urge people to keep a close eye on Met Office forecasts and on
SEPA’s flood updates page which can be found at http://floodline.sepa.org.uk/floodupdates/.
Members of the public can also get information by phone or text by calling
Floodline on 0345 988 1188. There is also advice on our website about preparing
for flooding at http://www.floodlinescotland.org.uk/your-home/.”