Fife Council statement - oil at Limekilns and Charlestown 21 February

  21 February 2019

As published on Fife Council's website


Work is continuing to clean-up the Fife coastline at Limekilns and Charlestown following an oil based spill in the area.

The affected beaches and car park will remain closed to the public over the weekend, and until further notice. This is to ensure public safety and to protect the environment. We thank residents and visitors for their patience as the round-the-clock clean-up work continues.

The Fife Coastal Path is being diverted, at the affected area, along adjacent streets. Walkers can pick up the main path again once beyond the affected area.

The clean-up plan of action is being implemented, with the most contaminated areas being remedied first.

A specialist firm is in the process of removing disposing of approximately 500 tonnes of contaminated material from the area.

Thankfully, there has been minimum impact on birds and wildlife.

Sample testing by SEPA is still underway, and investigations into the source of the pollution are ongoing.