Loch Vaa

  03 May 2019

A spokesperson from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) said:

“Although generally considered a wet country, Scotland can be vulnerable to periods of dry weather, which can result in pressure upon the environment and water users in some areas.

“The winter of 2018 –19 has been relatively dry compared to long-term average conditions. There has been some rainfall in recent weeks but as Loch Vaa is largely spring fed it will not respond to rainfall in the same way that a river fed loch would. 

“Loch Vaa lies within the region that SEPA has identified as a potential risk of water scarcity for the season ahead. Whilst SEPA has no groundwater monitoring locations in the area, groundwater storage levels elsewhere in North East Scotland have been notably low with limited recovery over winter. Recent high temperatures have also caused ground conditions to become quite dry so a proportion of any recent rainfall will have become locked up in underground storage.

“SEPA produces regular updates on the water resources situation throughout the year. Any water users are advised to keep abreast of the situation and use water sustainably.”