Fire in Bellshill - Friday 9 July

  09 July 2021

Chris Dailly, Head of Environmental Performance at SEPA, said:

“SEPA staff have been on site today at Bellshill Industrial Estate to support our colleagues in Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Police Scotland.

“We have confirmed that firewater run-off from the firefighting efforts at Mossbell Road, Bellshill, is entering the Scottish Water system and we don’t expect any impact on the water environment as a result. SEPA officers have carried out an initial assessment of local watercourses and will continue to monitor this over the coming days to make sure this remains the case.

“SEPA has liaised with experts in public health around air quality. Due to calm weather conditions the plume has dispersed in the higher atmosphere. Monitoring using permanent units will continue over the weekend.

“We will continue to provide information to appropriate experts and provide support as required.

“Anyone who is concerned about a potential pollution incident can report it using our 24-hour pollution reporting service. This can be done through our online form at“